Immortals of Aveum:Story Transcript

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This page is intended as a repository of dialog lines rather than gameplay information.

  1. Streetwise - Meet Jak and his friend Luna as disaster strikes.
  2. The Magnus (also called Training Grounds) - A tutorial mission where Jak fights through ancient ruins.
  3. Yltheum (Also called Ruins) - Trench warefare and the introduction of the Hand of Sandrakk.
  4. Road to the Palathon - Travel to the Palathon to participate in Selection.
  5. The Immortals - Go through Selection and become one of the Immortals.
  6. Hand of Sandrakk (also called Pale Forest) - Fight through the forest and face off against the Hand.
  7. Nocea - Meet Kirkan in Nocea and parlay with Sandrakk.
  8. Exile - Search for Thaddeus to find out about the Binding Stone.
  9. The Magic Eaters - Travel down into the Underdwell, and survive the magic-eating Aelori
  10. Caldera - Meet up with Thaddeus and learn about the Binding Stone
  11. The Binding Mark - Halo drop into the Shrineforge to destroy the Binding Stone
  12. Colossal - Use a gigantic automata to chase Sandrakk, but are attacked by his troops.
  13. Collateral - You've made your choice, now deal with its consequence.
  14. Ruin - Prevent Sandrakk from absorbing another Font.
  15. Occupation - Escape Seren with an old friend.
  16. Glaivegate - Lift the siege of Glaivegate fortress.
  17. The Shrouded Realm - Journey to the realm of magic.
  18. Mala-dar - Face off against Sandrakk's armada in the skies above the Wound.